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Vision Vapros iBox – 1500mAh VP / VW Mod

Vision Vapros iBox is a new box style mod Vision CIGS. it has a built-in 1500mAh battery with adjustable voltage and wattage adjustable. the resistance can be as low as 0.5ohms high to 1.8 ohms.

Package contents:
1 x iBox mod
1 x Micro USB charger
1 x plug-in power supply unit
1 x warranty card (6 months)
1 x manual
1 x-packing box

Capacity: 1500mAh
Size: 95 (L) * 54.3 (W) * 18.4 (H) mm
Net weight: 245 g
Output voltage: 3.0 ~ 6.0V
Output power: 3 ~ 25w
Resistance range: 0.5 ~ 1.8ohm
Cut-off time range: 8 ~ 18 seconds

power on/off: when the iBox is turned off, the center round button can be turned on for 2 seconds. after it is turned on, press the center button for 2 seconds, then the management console, which shows 6 icons, will appear. you can select any icon by rotating the center button. to disable, select the first submenu, and press enter once.
VP / Exchange VW mode: These two modes can be changed by a simple click on the middle button.
Time management: With ‚spinning wheel to select the second icon and press the center button to get to, then you can reset the time by the spinning wheel, and press Enter button to get the next section.
External power control: With ‚spinning wheel to select the third icon and click on the middle button to get to. Immediately after the click it goes back to the main interface with a light signal on the main screen. To disable, repeat the process.
Resistance protection control: Use the spinning wheel, select the fourth icon and press the center button to get to. the setting range is from 0.5 ohms to 1.8ohm. Once set up, with lower value in ohms then the alarm threshold set with cartomizer, the device will „Resistance protection“ report on the main screen and stop the power switch to work.
Cut-off time control: Use the spinning wheel to select the fifth icon, then click the center button. the setting range between 8-18 seconds. after setting the configured length of power (as indicated by the running clock when push the slide button on the side), the device will cut the output power for safety.
Exit: use the spinning wheel to select the sixth icon and click the middle button to get to it from the management console and return to the main menu.
Charging the device: Charging is only possible using the USB cable or both the USB cable and power supply.

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