About electronic cigarettes

Modern electronic cigarettes (or ecigs) became popular in Germany a little less than ten years ago because smokers considered them a cleaner, cheaper and less harmful form of nicotine consumption.

Despite the confusing variety of different devices that have come onto the market in recent years, all electronic cigarettes do the same simple thing: they turn a „eliquid“ into vapour that is inhaled („vaped“) as an alternative to inhaling the smoke of a burning cigarette.

If you want to try out vaping, we have a large selection of electronic cigarette starter kits and hundreds of liquid flavours to choose from. If you need help getting started, please feel free to contact us.


About DIY e liquid

Although there is no shortage of ready-to-use and liquid products for Vaper to choose from, many people prefer to make their own to save money – or simply to create their own perfect taste combinations.

DIY e Liquid may seem discouraging at first, but with a little trial and error most people can produce decent quality juices within weeks. In fact, this is exactly what most of the largest liquid manufacturers have started today.

Our DIY eliquid starter kits contain everything you need (including simple instructions) to make your first bottles. Once you get started, we have all the DIY blends you need at affordable prices and a wide range of flavour concentrates to experiment with.

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