Kingfish kit herbal vaporizer

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Kingfish Crosat 8 - the perfect starter package for herb steamers

The Kingfish Crosat 8 is a premium product, delivered in a gift box

follow the new trend of steaming dried herbs instead of smoking. it's very simple. you screw the charger onto the battery and connect it to a usb device to charge it. in the meantime, you remove the glass tank and fill it loosely with a small amount of dried medicinal herbs. now connect the charged battery, the glass tank with the herbs, the combustion chamber with the heating coils and the glass mouthpiece. the first time, the start button has to be pressed 5 times quickly in a row to activate the battery. from then on, each time you take a puff, the button is pressed and enjoyed. to turn off the battery, the start button is pressed 5 times again and the vaporizer can be put away. to keep the device clean, the heating coils have to be cleaned from the ashes with a small brush. the mouthpiece should also be wiped off with a damp cloth. then the vaporizer can also be cleaned sch

The nice starter package contains the following:

1 rechargeable battery

2 glass tanks with mouthpiece

1 metal filter protective cover

1 USB charger

1 manual

1 gift box


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