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With new ventilation control, improved battery and a tank for dried leaves

The new Cloutank M4 has been equipped with several great improvements. the heating coils are longer and more efficient, the ventilation control is new, the filter performance has been improved and the container for the dried leaves has been enlarged. the design has also been reworked and improved, as has the new F1 battery, which fits the Cloutank system perfectly. a discreet and popular system - also available as a disposable version.

the cloutank M4 is the latest model for the use of dry leaves. it is made of hardened steel and pyrex glass and the special design allows the leaves to move around in the tank without having to unscrew it. this way the entire contents can be used and incinerated. after use the tank is unscrewed and pressed down, which automatically cleans it. the package contains 3 interchangeable tanks (for dry material), which are extremely durable compared to other brands. together with a simple user manual and a wide range of accessories, this is the best design available on the market today.

Details of the Cloutank M4 evaporator:

  • Removable tank, the tank and the heating coils can be taken apart for cleaning.
  • The Cloutank M4 patented design allows the consumer to mix the dry material without unscrewing the tank.
  • With the "one-push" button the Cloutank M4 tank can be cleaned easily and without tools.
  • All parts are individually screwed together and no glue is used, which is beneficial to health.
  • The capacity compared to the model Cloutank M3 is significantly larger
  • The M4 evaporator contains a double filter which guarantees a pure smoke
  • With new ventilation control system
  • The new F1 battery with charge protection and adjustable voltage for different systems

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