Menthol TPA Aroma for self-mixing

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TPA Menthol Aroma This is a concentrated aroma which is mixed in DIY-E-Liquid. It cannot be diluted without diluting. All TPA aroma concentrates are based on PG.

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Natural and / or artificial flavour, suspended in propylene glycol, diacetyl-free, acetoin-free and acetylproprionyl-free.

Because menthol crystals dissolve more readily in PG than in VG, this aroma can crystallize in very high VG mixtures, making your liquid cloudy.


It is recommended to mix a test batch of most concentrates at about 10% and then adjust to taste.
There may be variations in the colour of different batches of the same taste. This is a natural part of the manufacturing process and not a defect.
This is a concentrated aroma that is mixed in DIY-E-Liquid. It is not to be steamed without diluting.

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