Cubano TPA Aroma for self-mixing

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TPA Apprentice Cubano Aroma from Parfumeur offers the full and full-bodied tobacco flavor of a beautiful large cigar.

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TPA Apprentice Cubano Aroma by Parfumeur offers the full and full-bodied tobacco flavor of a beautiful large cigar. If you love the taste of cigars, you'll find that this perfumer's Apprentice concentrate has a very precise taste profile that makes it a good stand-alone. The unmistakable smoky fragrance is complemented by the realistic taste of dark and earthy Cuban tobacco. Although it's impossible to perfectly reproduce the taste of something burning, this is probably what makes it impossible to reproduce the taste of something burning perfectly.

Perfumers Apprentice was founded in 2004 in Santa Cruz, California, and manufactures its flavor concentrates from only the finest ingredients, all certified food safe and meeting the strictest quality and purity standards of the State of California.


Natural and artificial flavouring, propylene glycol, water, caramel colour.


This is a concentrated aroma that is to be mixed in a DIY-E-Liquid. It is not to be steamed without diluting.
We recommend mixing most perfumers' Apprentice concentrates first to about 5-10% and then adjusting them to your personal taste.
All our trainee concentrates for perfumers are PG-based.
There may be colour differences between different batches of the same taste. This is a natural result of the flavour making process.
The perfumer's apprentice and The Flavour Apprentice are the same company and the products are the same. We only use the perfumer's apprentice's name as it is generally recognised.

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