Tobacco aroma directly from the plant

Best Tobacco Flavor 2018, real extract of tobacco plant

Mixing ratio 3 to 7%

there are the following three product lines of La Tabaccheria tobacco flavors for E-liquid: "Linea Elite" - " Linea estratti di Tabacco " - " Linea Special Blends " — “ ’s Mixtures ,,

The recommended average dilution is between 3% and 7% and we recommend that you read the "About Us" and "Instructions and Suggestions" sections of our website.

From the best European distributors we have selected only unprocessed tobacco, therefore before the intervention of the production houses to guarantee an absolute natural product and no artefact.

Our extracts cannot be used as they are, they must be used for flavouring inhalation liquids (Neutral Bases) for electronic cigarettes (ECig).