La Tabaccheria Mary Country Tobacco Extract Aroma

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Contents 10 ml Maryland is a typical American tobacco. like Burley, it belongs to the Light Air Cured class (Curated with Air), but differs from Burley in that it has a truly unique aroma, much rounder and fuller than Burley, almost creamy. Burley has often been preferred in the formulation of American Blend blends, which were much more aromatic and full-bodied when formulated with a Virginia, Maryland and Oriental blend instead of Virginia, Burley and Oriental. the choice of Maryland in the formulation of American Blend Blend is used by well-known production companies that have made their fortune thanks to the use of this fantastic tobacco, which offers a full-bodied and aromatic nature that is completely different from a classic American blend . Maryland Tobacco Extract from Our Elite Line has a sweet and spicy aroma, a complete, round and satisfying aroma that will satisfy lovers of savory but goury flavor.


Product description:

Tobacco extract It is not food. Do not ingest it as is. Use in a dilution of 5-15% for inhalation liquids (neutral bases) for electronic cigarettes (ECig), electronic cigars (ECigar) and electronic pipes (EPipe).


Propylene glycol USP / EP / E1520, tobacco extract.


Read the label before use. It is not food. Do not ingest Use it as is. For electronic cigarette in neutral base dilute to 5-15%. The product does not need to ripen after dilution. May contain unavoidable traces of nicotine resulting from extraction process. May not fall into the hands of children. IN case of NOISURES: Call a POISON INFORMATION CENTER or doctor if you feel unwell. Dispose of product/container in accordance with national regulations. Minimum age 18 years


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