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Showing all 6 results

Are you looking for an inexpensive liquid for your e-cigarette? Would you like to mix your own e-cigarette and save time and money? You need a E-liquid calculatorwho will calculate the perfect mixing ratio for you?

E-Liquid self mixing made very easy

With our E-Liquid calculator you can easily calculate your mixing ratio. Order in the E-Zigaretten Liquid Shop the various liquids and flavors and save time and money. Mix your own Liquid flavours from different varieties if you like, for example Mango, Coconut, Coffee, Cappuccino, Banana Cream, Pizza or Lemon. You can make a delicious Tropical flavour from different Liquid flavours such as Apple, Mango, Lemon and Passionfruit. Mixing E-Liquid yourself is very easy. Due to our years of experience in selling E-Cigarettes and last but not least through consumption, we can offer you our years of experience in selling E-Cigarettes.

Do it yourself- E-Liquid mix yourself

Not many ingredients are needed to mix E-Liquid yourself. You need the aroma, Nicotine, PG and VGWith the help of our Liquid Calculator, you can calculate the mixing ratio via your smartphone within a very short time. In addition to liquids and aromas, you can also buy e-cigarette starter sets or vaporizers for example. We offer you for your E-Cigarette Accessories Browse through our online shop and inform yourself about the different devices. Since we are a certified shop, we can guarantee you quality and a safe purchase transaction. Our deliveries are within a few working days at your home. Enjoy the smokeless freedom with an e-cigarette and your own mixed liquids and switch off from the stressful everyday life. Treat yourself to a small reward for in between.

Order now and benefit from the low prices! Mix E-Liquid yourself and save time and money!

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E liquid make yourself manual

E Making cigarettes liquid yourself, different tastes, different nicotine strengths, different ingredients - all individually combinable

The choice of different e-Liquids is almost limitless, as is the possible choice of ingredients and nicotine strength, such as propylene glycol, which determines the strength (scratching in the throat) of smoke, vegetable glycerine, which determines smoke density, flavours, possible liquids and nicotine strength, expressed in milligrams.

The nicotine strength is freely selectable between:

0 mg = without nicotine
10 mg = little nicotine (extra light cigarettes)
16 mg = medium strength (light cigarettes)
24 mg = high concentration (normal tobacco cigarettes)
A normal mixture requires, depending on taste, between 5% – 20% flavors (in exceptional cases 1% – 3%). Start your mixture with a small amount until it best suits your taste. Remember the composition so you can always steam your favorite flavor.

The result is a mixture:

To obtain 10ml/10mg PG/VG 50/50 e liquid, mix the following in a glass bottle:

1 ml PG nicotine (base is 100 mg) 3 ml propylene glycol (without nicotine), 5 ml vegetable glycerine for smoke density, and 1 ml aroma liquid.

Shake the bottle well and enjoy the new steam experience.

To dilute the e-Liquid you can use distilled water, vodka or grain alcohol. Use of these liquids between 1% – 5%. When using alcohol the smoking sensation will become stronger (more scratching in the throat). Read more about mixing e-Liquids and the different possibilities in the e-Cigarette Forums. Experiment and invent again and again.


Nicotine is a poison and very dangerous, if you work with higher concentrations we recommend you to wear gloves and protective clothing. If the liquid gets into your eyes or is accidentally drunk, see a doctor immediately!

E Liquid Calculator

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