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Showing all 4 results

Basis Liquid to mix Liquid yourself

Are you looking for a new liquid for your e-cigarette? Would you like to try a new taste? Have you ever mixed your own liquid? Did you know that if you mix the liquid yourself, you can save an incredible amount of money?

E-Cigarettes Liquid Shop

DIY- Do It Yourself. Mix your own Liquid. Order nicotine from our exclusive e-cigarette Liquid Shop, flavorsPG and VG and calculate via our E-liquid calculator Determine for yourself how much nicotine you want to use. The larger the quantities you buy in the shop, the more you save. It is even possible that you mix different flavours together. For example, you can combine mango and peach and start them off with an exclusive fruit experience. In addition to liquids and flavours, you can also buy e-cigarette starter sets or vaporizers. We offer you for your E-Cigarette Accessories Browse through our online shop and inform yourself about the different devices. Since we are a certified shop, we can guarantee you quality and a safe purchase process. In our home country the Netherlands, we have already built up a large and steady clientele, which stands on our products and our cooperation. Many customers appreciate our e-cigarettes Liquid Shop very much.

Certified E-Cigarettes Liquid Shop is a certified online shop, which means that we meet certain quality standards and can show our customers that we stand for quality and fast delivery. In our e-cigarette liquid shop you get all ingredients for a perfect liquid. With the help of the E-Liquid calculator you can easily calculate the mixing quantity. The calculator can be downloaded for Android as well as for Apple devices. Simply search in the App- or PlayStore for E-Liquid calculators and the mixing can start. Give us an evaluation after receiving the goods and tell us about your products. E-cigarette experiencesDo not hesitate to contact us by phone or e-mail. Experience a new smoking experience. Mix your own liquids according to your taste requirements.

All liquid bases are available with or without nicotine.

Order now all elements for your Liquid in our E- Cigarettes Liquid Shop and save time and money!

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