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La Tabaccheria Special Blend Line Flavoured Tobacco Extracts

The Special Blend Line was born in 2016 in a liquid-ready version to bring customers closer to the extraction of flavoured tobaccos, especially with regard to flavor / cloud chasing systems.

The base for this line was a 60% VG (Vegetable Glycerine) – and 40% PG (Propylene Glycol) base, which was a perfect hybrid for all types of vapour, but made this line more suitable for vapours with flavour systems / cloud hunting.

Even the aroma was balanced for this type of base, which requires a higher proportion of aroma than a base of 50% VG 50% PG. In fact, the aroma of the line in finished products was about 16/17%. We give these data even if this is not very meaningful, as the proportion of aroma always depends on the type of aroma, the concentration and the charge of the same.

The review of our special blend line in the flavour version has enabled us first of all to improve the line itself by reformulating each natural or identical natural flavour with which we compile our blends, bearing in mind that in the formulations all existing substances are removed in the European TPD blacklist and in the updated and specific blacklists of the different European countries, notwithstanding the fact that they are not finished liquids subject to the European TPD Regulation but flavours.

A necessary ethical and commercial decision to keep the quality and reliability of our products high at all times. In the Cards and Certificates section you will find an explanation of the substances not contained in the flavours used for the formulation of the Special Blend Line.

In formulating the Special Blend Aroma Version Line, we have truly redesigned, improved and balanced the products to suit all basic and system types.

The philosophy of this line is the search for an elegant and unobtrusive taste in which the selected tobacco blends and the aroma compositions formulated for each product can be in harmony to complement our extracts with further creamy or fruity notes that complete the taste of tobaccos without covering them completely.

We recommend that you use these guidelines depending on the type of vape you wish to use:

MTL (Svapo di Guancia): We recommend bases 50% PG 40% VG 10% H2o or bases 50% PG 50% VG to be flavoured with 10% or 15% depending on the desired load, which can vary according to your taste requirements and depending on the type of product, characteristic and pungent flavors such as whisky and honey have a higher yield than more sensitive flavors and blends such as biscuits and vanilla.

FLAVOR / CLOUD CHASING (Svapo di Polmone): If 50% PG 50% VG is assumed, the cheek print proposal remains valid in this case; if you prefer bases with a higher glycerol content, it is advisable to start with a higher flavoring and then a dilution percentage of 15% if a VG base with 60% VG is used; if a 60% VG base with 40% PG is used, it is advisable to start with a higher flavoring and then a dilution percentage of 15% if a VG base with 60% VG is used. If a 60% VG base with 40% PG is used, then the proposal for the cheek print remains valid.

Our extracts cannot be used as they are, they must be used for flavouring inhalation liquids (Neutral Bases) for electronic cigarettes (ECig).